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Help Support the MMM 



We are currently seeking sponsors for the following;

If you are unable to donate financially but would love to help the MMM, these items are always needed;

  • Working instruments

  • Packs of bottled water 

  • Safety pins

  • Copy paper, for all the wonder music they play

  • Fruit for summer practice (orange & apples)

  • Small zip lock baggies for the fruit

  • Snacks (cracker packs)

  • Packs of boot length black socks

It truly takes a village...

You may also send monetary donations to the MMM by the following;

 The MMM  is truly thankful for your generous support. 

We could not compete at the level that we do without the continued support of our family, alumni, and community.

Your donation will help pay for our music, equipment, transportation, maintenance of existing instruments, and instruction.  Your contribution is considered a donation and is 100% deductible.

The Magnificent Marching Machine Band Boosters 501 (c)(3) Tax ID number is 82-2071778.

Consult your tax professional regarding tax deductions for contributions to the EESMMM Band Boosters.

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